Health Care Merger/Acquisition Systems Integration

Ambulatory Integration Concepts

The Health Care Environment

With the high rate of mergers and acquisitions occurring in today's Health Care Industry, it's highly likely that Providers will be merging with or acquiring an ambulatory organization. The new combined entity often faces daunting challenges in integrating systems, processes, work flows and reporting. CSI understands this environment, and has partnered with AIC (Ambulatory Integration Concepts), a leader in health care integration to offer a suite of products and services that will help your merger succeed.

Product Areas:

  • IT Systems and¬† Metrics
  • Process and Work Flow
  • Human Resource and Culture Integration
  • Network Infrastructure

Why Choose AIC:

  • Experience: AIC has assisted in the integration of more than $2 billion in acquired assets
  • Patent-Pending Process - the AIC process is so unique and so successful that it has a patent pending
  • Proven to:
    • ¬†Maximize revenue by implementing best-in-class collection and reimbursement processes
    • Decrease costs through streamlining processes and optimized use of current assets
    • Enhance Patient Experience through sharing of best practices
    • Increase Staff and Patient Retention through the integration process

Because of our partnership with AIC, CSI can bring you AIC products at exceptionally good price points.

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