Patient Education

What Patient Education Includes

Patient Education covers the variety of methods by which Health Care Providers give information to their patients on the person’s:

  • Condition/Disease/Symptoms
  • Prognosis (or likely future course their condition will take)
  • Treatment options
  • Prescriptions, along with a description of potential side effects and possible interactions
  • Recommended changes in lifestyle    
  • Other information pertinent to their condition

Such information can be delivered verbally, shared with a printed document, or shared as a digital document (on an smart phone or tablet), or as a combination of these communcation methods, since research shows that patients remember best when they receive information through a number of different learning modalities.

CSI’s Patient Education Product - Exit Care

CSI partners with one of the top Patient Education providers in the United States to provide patient education materials—Exit Care from Elsevier. By using their EHR solution, healthcare organizations can access Exit Care's extensive library of patient education content seamlessly. The library offers thousands of resources that are available at varying reading levels and in multiple languages to help care teams build stronger, more meaningful relationships with patients in order better  patient experiences during the health care visit and patient outcomes after the health care visit.

Why Choose Exit Care from CSI:

By leveraging the content from Elsevier's Exit Care with the solutions from CSI, you will be able to:

  • Improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care.
  • Provide education that is engaging, easy-to-understand, and consistent with the latest medical practices and guidelines
  • Help empower your patients and their care givers to make more informed choices about their health since they will better understand their condition, prognosis and treatment options
  • Improve compliance with therapy and treatment options, including drug treatment

CSI offers Exit Care products at excellent pricing.

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