PrivaPlan® HIPAA Privacy & Security Training Program

Our online training module takes the best of the many HIPAA training programs we have created and combines it into one training program.

The total time for all three modules is less than one hour! All you will need is a PC computer with an internet connection. Users can take the training one module at a time or all at once, and at their convenience.

The training is provided online so that it can be used by the entire organization. When a user is ready for the quiz, they simply need to log on to our quiz site! If you fail the first time, take the quiz again until you pass.

Each course comes with access for up to three users to take the quiz. If you have additional staff you may purchase additional access to the quiz at a very low cost! Additional user licenses can only be purchased via phone at this time; call toll-free 1-888-255-1775.

HIPAA training course covers:

  1. HIPAA Basics - understanding what HIPAA is
  2. HIPAA Privacy - details of the Privacy rule
  3. HIPAA Security - details of the Security rule
  4. Testing - an online quiz. Users must get a minimum number correct to pass Certificate of completion that a user can print out and retain.
  5. Administration: Allows the office manager or HIPAA official to automatically receive an email copy of each test with a record of who has taken the quiz, when, and their score!
  6. Successful completion allows access to a printable Certificate of Completion online.