CSI Business & Healthcare IT Solutions

Welcome to CSI!

CSI is a full-service IT company that can help you:

  • Stretch your IT budget
  • Boost productivity by decreasing IT downtime
  • Relieve your frustration about non-working technology by providing world class service and support
  • Grow your bottom line by making technology a positive force for success, and not just an irritating distraction

We have two specialty divisions: Business IT and Health Care IT. Please choose the area most appropriate for your organization.

CSI Business IT Solutions

CSI Business IT Solutions

We know that Business runs on technology, but only when technology runs! Our extensive range of Business IT hardware, software, network, web/cloud and service/support offerings will enhance your productivity, save you time and money, and help you drive revenue to boost your top and bottom line.

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CSI Healthcare IT Solutions

CSI Healthcare IT Solutions

CSI Health Care division offers a wide variety of IT products and services specific to Health Care providers. We know that when your patient's health is at stake, nothing means more than reliable, dependable systems and services. But you can't overlook cost management either. That's why so many health care providers - hospitals, clinics, physician's offices and medical laboratories - rely on CSI for their specialized IT needs. Whether it's EHR, laboratory Management, Radiology and Imaging Equipment and Service, Health Care Reporting and Analytics or HIPAA Compliance Training and Support, CSI has the knowledge and expertise health care providers need.

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