Advanced Reporting & Analytics

CSI offers a variety of products and services to Health Care Providers in the area of Advanced Reporting and Analytics specialized to health care data needs.

CSI Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Since large Health Care organizations frequently have multiple--and frequently incompatible--data sources within their environment, CSI offers Advanced Reporting and Analytics services. Our product/service offering is a high-performance ad-hoc query and production reporting system that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple sources across the organization easily and quickly, and delivers actionable information to users.

We are so confident that our solution can solve your organizational data analysis and reporting needs that we offer an unprecedented proposal: a "30 Day Test Drive" at absolutely no charge to your facility. We will install the software on a server in your facility and develop a "Data Dictionary" of a database of your choosing. You give us your most difficult data extraction pain point and let us solve it for you. The Catch: When – not if – we solve your issue, you agree to a contractual relationship with us in the future that will allow us to solve your organization's other thorny data and reporting problems. We've had multiple clients challenge us and we've never failed at this 30 day Test Drive.

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CSI Cyber-Security for Health Care Providers

Health Care Organizations are at increasing risk of security breaches as Personal Health Information becomes a more attractive target to cyber-criminals. CSI provides security risk assessments and remediation for health care providers in this critical area to help keep your data and your organization safe from invasion.

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