Laboratory Information Systems

Are you using the right vehicle for the laboratory work load you're carrying?

There are a lot of Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) available - are you using the one that fits your needs best? CSI has researched the best lab systems in the market and based on our findings, we decided to partner with the #1 Lab Information System in the U.S. - LabDAQ by CompuGroup Medical

There's a good reason that LabDAQ has more placements than any other LIS in America (3,000+).


Actually, our clients tell us there are several very good reasons:

  • Oracle Database forms LabDAQ’s foundation: Faster, more powerful, less prone to viruses. That's what the new technology in LabDAQ can offer vs the competition using older database technology.
  • Stops "Leaky Boat Syndrome": Are there billable lab orders that are slipping out your door, being missed for payment/reimbursement? Most labs say no. Our client audits say yes! Ask us for real world examples of LabDAQ's impact on a lab's bottom line.
  • Puts You Ahead of the Curve in Meaningful Use Compliance: Have you recently found out that you need to find a way to connect your instruments to your Electronic Health Records system to be compliant? The LabDAQ solution satisfies these Meaningful Use requirements without the need for additional "Middleware".
  • Swamped in Paperwork?  Is your staff stuck doing paperwork instead of billable tests? LabDAQ automates clerical work so your staff can focus on billable activities. One client told us "Med Techs are hard to find in this area--I need my Med Techs doing tech work, not clerical duties!"

There are cheaper, lower end Laboratory Information Systems than LabDAQ, but the time and effort you'll spend in trying to make them do what you need your laboratory system to do could eat up your cost savings quickly. The right LIS for your testing load can make all the difference in lab profitability.

CSI is able to offer LabDAQ at outstanding pricing.

Call us today to increase your lab's bottom line.