Application Hosting Using Cloud Computing

Customers demand more from business today. They expect businesses to be available online on any device with all the information they need. If not, they can easily find what they need somewhere else.

Running the kind of applications that customers demand takes an experienced IT staff that is able to handle:

  1. Maximum up-time, even during backups
  2. First-class security amid growing threats
  3. Regular updates to the operating system
  4. Instantaneous recovery from hardware failures
  5. Network load balancing for inevitable traffic spikes
  6. Automated service patching
  7. Mobile delivery and support

After a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) handles all that, there is barely any time or budget left to spend on their core business. The answer is to offload all these costs by moving application hosting to the cloud.

What is application hosting in the cloud?

The economies of scale have finally come to computing power. CSI, working with the Microsoft Azure platform, allows SMBs to compete with global brands by giving them access to the same data centers that major enterprises use at a fraction of the cost.

Run your current applications on massively powerful servers or develop brand new applications to become a leader in customer experience. The innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model means that you pay a low monthly fee for all the flexibility and computing power of CSI offers.

What are the benefits to SMBs of SaaS?

Outmaneuver the competition. It's that simple. When you activate SaaS for application hosting, you suddenly have the power of a data center at your command. Run complex multi-tier applications using the cloud or host a website with proven business drivers, like streaming video, interactive widgets and e-commerce tools (shopping carts).

Never miss out on the chance to scale up and capture more revenue as demand grows. More computing power with less risk at a lower cost. That's good business.

With the cloud, the sky's the limit

Successful businesses concentrate on their own expertise and leave IT to the experts. CSI is Microsoft's trusted partner in deploying the Microsoft Azure platform. This turnkey solution offers IT infrastructure on-demand, with the flexibility to change and adapt to new technology. Do you wish you could take advantage of Linux-based distributed apps that run on Virtual Servers? Now you can.

Do you have an idea for a mobile app that could redefine your market? Now you will have the flexibility and resilience to create it and support it, 24/7. Construct any media, mobile, and web applications you need to reach customers across the globe.

You select the Operating System, development language, tools and frameworks you want or consult our experts to discover how to turn your ideas into reality.

Let us show you what application hosting with Microsoft Azure could mean for your profitability today. It's time to step into the future of business with CSI.