Businesses today need to think of their IT infrastructure, particularly their IT networks as a highly valuable business asset that enables success—an investment in attaining their goals, and not just as an expense. As such, your network needs to be: reliable, available 24/7, scalable to grow as you grow, and secure against cyber-attacks, accidents and user-caused errors.

At CSI we know how to maximize the ROI on your technology investment, especially your networks, and we offer a comprehensive list of Network Products and Services to keep you up and running smoothly.  Once your network is installed, we offer Service and Support options ranging from repair and trouble-shooting to more proactive management and administration services depending on your business needs.

As part of our complete Networking Solutions, we offer the following services:


CSI is a full service IT/Telecommunications company specializing in professional installation of voice and data networks. CSI will design, install and maintain your voice, data and video systems - all of your Cabling needs at an affordable price.

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Network Design and Installation:

CSI offers IT needs assessment, network design, and network installation of all network hardware, servers/workstations and operating software, plus Launch Performance Testing for both wired and wireless solutions.

Network Operations Center Services:

After installation, CSI offers a full suite of Network Operations Center Services which includes the 4 following specific network monitoring, management, administrative and support areas:

1. Network Monitoring Services:

The best way to deal with network problems is to catch them before they occur. That’s what our Network Monitoring Services do. We proactively monitor the following:

  • Real Time Network Performance 24/7
  • Drive space
  • Windows Event plus Alerts
  • Virus Definition/Invasion Events

2. Network Management and Maintenance Services:

IT network management requires time and attention to keep the network running at optimal levels, keep software updated, ensure your data is protected and backed up on a regular basis. If you don’t have the internal staff to handle these functions, we offer the following services:

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Hardware and Software Inventory plus Licensing
  • Printers and Peripherals (including remote access devices like tablets and smart phones)
  • Microsoft Patches
  • Desktop/Workstation/Portable optimization
  • Software Updates
  • Firewall, VPN and Remote Access
  • Hardware Warranties
  • 3rd Party Vendors
  • Data Backup and Recovery Systems

3. Network Administration Services:

For those companies who don’t have the staff to spare for network administrative duties, we can handle those for you as well.

  • User Account Set up/Removal
  • Security (IDs and Passwords)
  • File Sharing Permissions
  • Anti-Virus Protection, Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Data Back Up and Recovery Processes

4. Network Support Services Through the Following Channels:

  • Remote Control
  • Phone
  • Email
  • On-Site
  • After Business Hours Emergency Support

Additional Networking Operation Center Services:

Because we take customer satisfaction very seriously, we provide twice yearly technical reviews to go over performance with you, assist you in your IT annual planning to support your business growth and even with IT budgeting efforts and purchasing hardware and software. Our volume purchasing power can provide you with the best pricing available on hardware, software and networking infrastructure needs.

Every company's needs are unique. Call us today to discuss your networking and cabling projects.