Web Solutions

As a medium that is available to your audience at any time and at any place, the Web is your most important sales and marketing tool. To maximize the impact of your website, you need:

  • A strong underlying IT structure with reliable accessibility
  • A visually appealing design, clearly branded with your company/product
  • A user friendly experience, making users want to interact with your website and with your company
  • An appropriate use of Call-To-Action devices to drive sales
  • Valuable, interesting, engaging content that’s easily searchable
  • Responsive design so your customers can engage with your website through any mobile device (PC, tablet, smart phone)
  • A site design developed with an eye towards your business’ future growth

We can help you develop a strategy for your website, design it, build it, host it and market it. Then we’ll be there to optimize, update and help improve your Search Engine results.

CSI Web Solutions include:

Research and Analysis: We start by having our research and analysis team investigate where your company, your competition, and your customers are now, and what that means for you from a website perspective

Strategy Led Creative Copy: We help you connect with your audience through creative messaging and tactics made exactly for the right touch points for your brand, across the digital landscape.

Web Design: Our design team shape ideal platforms and user experiences specifically for your target audience, for intuitive, easy-to-use interactions that simplify, engage, and keep them coming back.

Web Programming: Our programmers always work in tandem with our designers, so the art and programming side of your web site solution is perfectly in sync, whether it's ecommerce, a custom business solution, or an easy-to-use Content Management System.

Web Hosting: We provide the server (secure to ensure safe ecommerce) and hosting software, domain registration, SEO optimization, and search engine registration. Or you can take advantage of our development services and have any of our design/programming work hosted on your own or another server or have your already developed website hosted on ours. Flexibility is an important part of CSI’s offerings to make sure you get the IT products and services that fit your needs and your budget.

On-Going Support: We will be here for you after your launch or rollout. CSI has an entire slate of continuing web services to choose from, including ongoing strategy, marketing, social media management, analytics, and content updates if you don’t have the internal staff to handle for yourself.

Why Choose CSI:

No other company gives you the full breadth of creative, programming, user testing and hosting options that CSI does.  No need to juggle projects and relationships with multiple vendors to get your website up, running and bringing in business for you.

Call us today to discuss how to make the web work harder for your business.