Complete Business Continuity

No business today can afford to be offline for long--every minute your system is down will cost you in customers, dollars and reputation. You need to protect your business from accidents of all kinds, local disasters, and malicious cyber-attacks.

CSI's Business Continuity Services can ensure that no matter what happens, your business is up and running fast. Our Business Continuity solutions can capture changes to data, applications and critical system objects in real time and replicate them to our alternate (backup) servers. More importantly, they enable controlled, non-intrusive switching and fast, reliable failover to meet any contingency.

CSI Business Continuity Services:

Business Continuity Plan Development: CSI can help you put together a BC plan and documentation for your organization so you will be prepared in case disaster of any kind strikes. Without this plan, your business will face any emergency unprepared

Data Back-up and Recovery: CSI's Remote system back-up and data recovery will protect your data by having it stored remotely on our servers in multiple locations to ensure its safety

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Mission Critical Systems: We can completely mirror your mission critical systems on our servers in our location

Facilities: We can even provide alternative physical locations for your business, including

  • Cold Rooms: In the past, a Cold Room would be a physical location, with no hardware/networking/connectivity/back up data. Lowest cost, but longest time to get up and running again. This solution puts much of the work to get back to work on your organization and your resources. However, with the arrival of the Cloud, CSI offers Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a cost effective alternative to the traditional Cold Room. Your company can be in recovery mode in a virtual environment with employees working from various remote locations and not have to worry about a physical location.
  • Warm Rooms: Physical locations with hardware/networking/connectivity already established. Data backups would be available but may be incomplete or old (week+) depending on your backup arrangements. A mid-range solution in terms of cost and timing.
  • Hot Rooms: Total duplication of your original site in terms of hardware/networking/connectivity/telecom. Complete Backups of data from real time synchronization between your original site and ours. Definitely the most expensive option, but a Hot Room solution will have your business up and running again in a matter of hours.

Since each business and solution is unique, please contact us for more information on our Business Continuity Service Offerings by calling us at 712-255-1775 or emailing us at