Email Hosting Using Cloud Computing

The three keys to productivity with email are space, speed, and security.

  • First of all, businesses need the server space to send, receive and archive a massive amount of emails, many with large attachments. Maintaining all those servers can easily spiral out of control in terms of time and sunk costs as your business grows and your number of employees multiplies.
  • Secondly, businesses need the computing speed to access any of those emails while customers and potential customers are on the phone. Delays and lost emails can be devastating.
  • Finally, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) can rarely afford the most advanced security software, making them prime targets for hackers and other cyber-criminals. Their on-site servers are also the most vulnerable in the case of unpredictable disasters like accidents, fires, user errors and electrical spikes. Mission critical data/system back-ups and recovery require hardware and software investments and staff responsibility that many SMB’s struggle with. Using the Cloud for email hosting removes these issues and allows you to focus on your customers and your business.

What is Email Hosting in The Cloud?

Email hosting is a new approach that solves all of these problems at once, using the innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model. Your email software will operate inside a data center that you access securely over the internet with cutting edge communications encryption.

What Are the Benefits to SMBs of SaaS?

When you activate SaaS for email, we take on all the headaches of software and hardware maintenance and updates. Your business pays a low monthly fee for the use of enterprise-class servers running the most advanced email software available. You'll be able to scale up immediately as your customer base expands. More computing power with less risk at a lower cost. That's good business.

CSI is Microsoft's Trusted Partner

CSI has partnered with Microsoft to provide you with best-in-class hosted email in the cloud, along with productivity software fully integrated with Office 365.
There's no need to maintain on-site servers. Offload those headaches to us. You will gain up to 50 GB of storage per user on our secure servers -- fast enough to index emails immediately.

Mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will no longer be a problem. Exchange Online and the Exchange Active Sync manage your data across devices, from a desktop to a laptop to a tablet to a smartphone. Business happens everywhere. Now your email can go with you wherever you need it.

What About Security?

In terms of security, our partnership with Microsoft means you gain the protection of the strongest security platform on the market. Government regulations require that you can secure the most sensitive information for both your business and your customers. Now, that's a snap using ForeFront Protection for Microsoft Exchange, which projects a hyper-intelligent barrier against cyber-crime, malware, and virus attacks.

Just imagine what the right email hosting could do for you in terms of faster, safer, less costly business support. It's time to see the future of business with CSI.