CSI Proactive Service Bundle

The CSI Proactive Service Solution delivers value through real-time monitoring and preventative measures which reduces the number of support problems, resulting greater operational reliability and less downtime.

Rates are based on a per device per month fixed cost and include:

  • Anti-Virus Protection for your servers/workstations/network devices
  • Patch Management/Updates
  • Real time Remote Monitoring of your IT system components, including servers, workstations, and network devices (such as routers, switches, access points and others) to provide you with alerts on computer problems before they become expensive downtime
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance on your IT equipment to keep their performance optimized and prevent small problems from becoming large problems
  • Microsoft Application management and support
  • Scheduling, monitoring and testing of your network data backups if you already have a system in place
  • Enhanced Reporting Package. See our Proactive Services Page: Standard Reports for examples of these reports for the “Wile E. Coyote Acme Company”. These examples will give you an idea of the information you’ll receive every month that will help you spot problems and security gaps, plan for growth and budget for the future.  Reports include: Site Overview, Executive Summary of Systems, Network Health Overview, Network Performance Assessment, Managed Devices by Operating System and Remote Usage

For a printable, concise description of the Proactive Program, click here

Remote and On-site IT Repair work is available at our lowest hourly rates.

Services from our Ala Carte Services Menu can be added to the Proactive Package on monthly fixed fee basis, such as:

  • Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery services
  • Hosted Email or Websites on our equipment
  • Mobile Device Management (smart phones and tablets)
  • Managed Compliance (for healthcare providers)

Please see our Ala Carte Services page for a complete list and description of the services that you can add for a fixed monthly fee.

If you have Capital Expense projects (such as adding a server/network), cabling needs, programming projects or after-hours support, we’re able to offer a free consultation and quote for those services based on our low hourly pricing. Please see our CSI Service and Support Home Page under IT Projects for a full list and description of projects that fit this category.

Customize your services to fit your needs and your budget—that’s what CSI service is all about. Call us today at 712-255-1774 to find out if our Proactive Service Bundle is right for you.