Radiology and Imaging Archiving Solutions (Deepwell)

The Challenge: Reliable, Accessible, Secure, Cost-Effective Image Archival

Your Health Care Organization generates large numbers of diagnostic imaging studies every day that must be electronically stored and maintained for long retention periods (typically 7+ years) and are subject to numerous regulatory compliance requirements, most notably HIPAA.

Compounding the challenge is that many image archival systems are based on old, proprietary technology that is both costly to maintain and difficult to access.

The Solution:

At CSI we are focused on providing the most economical, yet powerfully assessable solution available. We believe we’ve found a best-in-class solution with DeepWell's software and technology.

Why Choose Deepwell?

  • Industry Reputation: Deepwell is responsible for the safe, secure archival of over (2) billion medical images worldwide, with over 14 years of proven operating experience.
  • True Vendor Neutral Archive:  No matter which Radiology/PACS system you use, Deepwell can handle archiving those images
  • Safety and Security: Multiple copies of your images are always maintained to avoid possible loss and liability to you
  • Fast access: Even real time access to the study data directly from your PACS which also means no changes to your current work flow
  • Lower Costs:  Deepwell completely eliminates data center costs, IT administration costs, hardware and software maintenance costs, and other storage costs normally incurred directly by our clients for image storing
  • Predictable Cash Flow: Fixed storage costs over the life of the contract

Storage Should Be Easy (and Cheap)!

Depending on the size of your imaging environment, CSI and Deepwell may be able to save you tens of thousands of dollars in your archival fees while still maintaining high quality and staying in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Image storage should be Reliable, Accessible, Secure, Cost-Effective - the Deepwell solution from CSI is all those things

Call us today for more details about cost effective storage of your radiology images.