Radiology and Imaging
Digital Diagnostic Image Distribution - Sorna

The Challenge

Health Care providers dealing with Radiology and Imaging need a simplified, easy to use medical image and document management system that allows the creation, importing, viewing and scanning of medical images and their related documents. At the same time, that solution has to be as cost-effective as possible while still providing all the needed functionality. If that system could enhance productivity at the same time, well, that would be the gold standard of Image Document Distribution.

The Answer

Sorna’s Patented Vertex Solutions that allow you to quickly and easily share images/documents, burn CDs with that information, import into other systems, convert into other formats, view across a variety of media, and store medical images and their related documents. All of Sorna’s systems fully adhere to the global integration and standardization initiatives (DICOM, HL-7, and IHE). Sorna’s range of solutions allow it to offer one of the lowest costs of entry to an organization looking for a Radiology image distribution system.

Why Sorna:

  • A wide variety of systems at different price levels that can be customized to meet your organization’s individual needs and budget based on the number of images your organization produces
  • Sharing of documents can be done automatically or at the user’s discretion
  • Single-screen, drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive interface to make your experience easier and more efficient
  • Sorna Systems will integrate seamlessly with your existing IT hardware for maximum cost efficiency. No need to purchase additional specialized hardware!

Because of CSI’s volume of Sorna system purchases, we can offer you the most competitive prices. Call us today to find out which Sorna system would best fit your needs and budget.