Radiology and Imaging Medical Display Monitors - Eizo and Konica-Minolta

In Radiology and Imaging Services, diagnosis is only as good as your image quality. Because CSI understands this, we offer two of the very best brands of Medical Display Monitors available in the world:



CSI has created a partnership with Eizo, one of the largest manufacturers of Medical Display Monitors in the world. Their attention to detail on every monitor makes Eizo medical monitors the most dependable and reliable display available and offers the lowest failure rates in the market.

CSI can provide you with both monochrome and color Eizo medical monitors for all modalities at excellent prices.

Why Choose EIZO?

  • Incredible Precision: EIZO sets every gray scale tone to ensure the most consistent shading possible, making you to make the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Built-In Quality Control: An Integrated Front Sensor keeps your monitor calibrated to DICOM Part 14 standards, providing you with low maintenance from both a time and money perspective.
  • One Monitor, Multiple Modalities: EIZO's CAL switch allows you to choose different modes for different modalities, providing optimal viewing conditions whether you're dealing with CR, CT or Endoscopy.

In addition to new monitors, CSI frequently has access to gently used Eizo medical monitors (still with an Eizo manufacturers’ warranty) at remarkable prices. Please call for availability.



At CSI we understand our Health Care customers’ need for both economic value and high clinical confidence. That's why we’ve partnered with Konica-Minolta to provide you with Primary Imaging Solutions - Digital Radiography and Ultrasound - to deliver powerful imaging tools that help speed your workflow, increase your efficiencies, and improve your patient experiences.

Why Choose Konica-Minolta:

  • Digital Radiography: World-class solutions with a strong reputation for high reliability. Konica Minolta digital radiography solutions deliver excellent image quality to help enhance a clinician's confidence.
  • Ultrasound: Improving the quality of care at the point-of-care. Konica Minolta's ultrasound solutions are designed for accessibility and can deliver immediate information to help clinicians make informed patient care decisions.
  • Extreme Environments: Konica-Minolta makes a simple, reliable, and robust wireless DR solution for the most extreme environments like ER/Trauma, ICU/CCU or at the patient’s bedside. Light weight, but extremely durable, this is the perfect portable.